Nimby City

Every time I ride Wildwood and run into an angry hiker the conversation goes like this...

Me: Hello, I'll wait for you to pass ( I always pull over and let foot traffic pass me).

Angry Hiker: You know, you are not supposed to mountain bike on these trails.

Me: Why? They are perfect for mountain biking.

Angry Hiker: It ruins the trails (off-leash Dog comes trotting out of the ferns).

Me: Mountain biking has actually be proven to have the same effect on trails as hiking. Check out how all of the foot traffic has widened the trail on the rest of your walk. Your off-leash dog is probably ruining the trails more than you know. E-mail me and I'll send you some literature; I have a website, it's on my jersey, please do the research.

Angry Hiker: Well you're going to hurt someone...

Me: I have pulled over and I am waiting for you to pass; I haven't hit anyone in my 30 years of mountain biking.

Angry Hiker: But I'm afraid...Mountain bikers can sneak up on you, yet they are loud at the same time. They are loud enough to disturb my peace all the while being quiet enough to come from nowhere; they have been known to kill people you know...(face getting red with frustration)

Me: Some people are afraid of your off-leash dog.

Angry Hiker: Not my dog, my dog is nice and little and I love him. He needs off-leash walks for his sanity.

Me: Well I'm not afraid of sharing trails and I NEED single track for my sanity.

Angry Hiker: Where are you from? I'm from here, four generations, and I can see you don't understand Portland values. Go back to where you came from. I don't want people on my trails.

Me: Have a nice day (F%cjk you under my breath).

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